What is social selling?

social selling
What is social selling?

Social Selling is just another name for social media marketing isn't it? No - it certainly isn't,

Social Media Marketing might seem similar, but it's very different. Social Media Marketing is method of creating awareness and attracting new customers. Social Media Marketing is content dependant.

Social Selling is different. It isn't just about attracting, it's also about going outbound to forge new relationships and win new business. Social Media Marketing is attractional. Social Selling is sales focused but in a social way - the clue is in the name.

Now, don't be put off by the word selling. Selling doesn't have to be forceful, pushy and spammy. That's just the bad stuff out there which gives selling a terrifyingly bad name. Many salespeople would probably say social selling is too soft, yet, for the past decade, I've helped people close millions in new business using what seems like softer sell.

Social Selling is about building relationships that unlock revenue. It's a consultative sell, that mixes in content and personal branding to help you reach people on a more personal basis.

Very often social media marketing is more about volume and high engagement - social selling is focused on the individual. That's why compared to social media marketing and other more high volume approaches it has a much higher conversion rate.

Online you'll find many people teaching a version of social media marketing badged as social selling. They'll often talk heavily about content, followers and engagement and neglect to talk about messaging prospects, how to build relationships. This leaves out a fundamental part of social selling, how do we start conversations and move them into real opportunities.

Social Selling is simply building relationships, offering value and helping people buy. Notice what I said there, helping people buy. It isn't all about content, nor is it just about outreach - it's mixing activity together to build trust, relationships and engaging people in conversation.

The biggest deals and the best clients come from unlocking relationships.

That's what social selling is all about.


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