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I help solopreneurs win clients, make a difference and make a profit!

Most business owners don't start a business just for money. They launch because they want more freedom and they want to make a difference.

Ô×í And Yes - they want to profit from their passion too!

That original mission can get lost and before you know it, you've created a job.

I help you get the purpose and freedom back by taking the stress and 'ickiness' out of marketing and selling yourself.

Here is how I help you:

ÔŽ┐ There are ton of thoughts, doubts, frustrations swirling in your head.

- I help you get clarity.

ÔŽ┐ You have limited time to devote to sales and marketing.

- I help you do it efficiently.

ÔŽ┐┬áYou didn't sign up to be a salesperson or pretend to be something your not.

- I help you sell without the sales pitch.

Dean Seddon

How you can engage with me

Want to get my help and insight? Here is how you can engage with me.

Dean Seddon

Public Speaking

Invite me to speak at your conference, workshop or event, be a guest on your podcast or show.

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Dean Seddon

Private Clients

In addition to the small business programmes and training with MAVERRIK I have a few private clients.

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Growth Titans

My online community of ambitious business owners who get weekly tips, training and tactics from me.

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