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Dean Seddon Social Selling Expert

I help solopreneurs, sales teams and senior execs win on LinkedIn.

Everyone is on LinkedIn. It is the place to build your personal brand, share insights and win business.

You can waste a lot of time on LinkedIn and achieve very little. I help you leverage the most effective and efficient methods to achieve your goals.

Whether you a seller looking to hit your target, a senior exec who wants to get their knowledge out in front of the right people or a solopreneur who needs leads and clients, I've got the strategies and tactics to make it happen for you.

Here is how I can help you:

➡️ Build a powerful personal brand on LinkedIn that positions you as the trusted expert.

➡️ Show you a step-by-step process to win clients and grow your pipeline of business.

➡️ Grow your audience, generate leads and reach more people.

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Dean Seddon LinkedIn Expert

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Are you new to getting clients online? Are you struggling with building your crowd and converting them into clients? Are you tired of having to sell? Do you feel like nothing is working? 

A common challenge for expertise-led businesses is the struggle to market themselves, leaving them frustrated with their stagnant growth and ineffective marketing and sales strategies. In Get Growing, Dean Seddon shows you what really works when it comes to sales and self-promotion. The founder of the fastest-growing business consultancy in the UK, Dean has helped thousands grow their brands and expand their reach, ranging from individual freelancers to international corporations like Amazon, Mastercard, and Microsoft. 

You don’t need to have a big budget or spend all your time harassing people for sales. Using Dean's simple and scalable methods, you can attract the right audience and convert them into paying customers. Filled with proven ways to grow your business, real-life stories, illustrative examples, and practical applications, this comprehensive guide: 

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