My Manifesto

My Mission

I’m on a mission to help a million businesses grow. Small businesses are the backbone of thriving communities and the key to transforming lives and eradicating poverty.


It’s a big, ambitious goal, but I’m all in.


My Beliefs

  • Poverty is a disease of the mind and an ill of society: To really get rid of poverty, we need to change both individual mindsets and societal structures. Everyone deserves a shot at success, and small businesses are crucial to this change.
  • The online world is full of opportunities: Every corner of the internet has untapped potential. I believe in the endless possibilities that happen when passion meets purpose.
  • The Maverick Spirit: Innovation comes from challenging the status quo. I push boundaries, cut through bureaucracy, and find creative solutions that drive success. There are three ways to do things: the long way, the wrong way, and the Maverick way.
  • Social Media Isn't Real, But You Should Take It Seriously: Social media gives you the ability to get your message out to the world, build relationships and businesses, but it also is a massive distraction if you are not focused and intentional.
  • Relationships Unlock Revenue: Building genuine relationships is the key to business growth. Trust and connection are the foundations of lasting success.
  • Business as a Purpose: A business isn’t just a way to improve economic welfare; it gives people purpose, a cause to champion, and something to fight for.

My Core Values

  • Empowerment: Empowering others is at the heart of what I do. By providing the right tools, knowledge, and support, I help businesses reach their full potential.
  • Fairness and Straight Dealing: Success must be built on a foundation of fairness and honesty. I believe in straight dealings and stand against high-pressure selling tactics.
  • Community: A thriving business lifts its community, creating a ripple effect of prosperity and opportunity for all.
  • Innovation: Embracing change and fostering innovation are essential to staying ahead. I champion creative solutions and forward-thinking strategies.
  • Maverick Spirit: I challenge conventional wisdom and bureaucracy, believing true innovation comes from those who dare to think differently and act boldly.

My Personal Story

I come from a working-class background, and when I started my business, I had no support. I was confused, faced with countless difficult decisions, and didn’t realise the power of relationships in growing a business. I had no one to turn to for advice and didn’t know anyone who ran a business. These challenges shaped my journey and fuelled my passion for helping small businesses succeed. I’ve walked the hard path and emerged stronger, and now I’m dedicated to guiding others on their path to success the Maverick way.

How I Will Help People Grow and Start Businesses

  • Speaking: I will share my knowledge and experiences through speaking engagements to inspire and educate aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Advocating: I will lobby and advocate for small businesses and their growth, ensuring their voices are heard and their needs are met.
  • Training: I will provide training, workshops, and events to help businesses grow, equipping them with the skills and strategies they need to succeed.
  • Partnership: I will support other organisations that help businesses grow, fostering a collaborative environment for shared success.
  • Education: I will work to educate young people on the benefits of building their own businesses, partnering with schools and institutions to integrate entrepreneurship into their curricula.
  • Leveraging My Voice: I will use online channels and conventional media to spread my message, build relationships, and champion the cause of small businesses.

My Vision for the Future

I see a world where small businesses are the backbone of thriving communities. This is a big, scary, and impossible goal, but it’s worth pursuing. By helping a million businesses grow, I aim to create a ripple effect that will uplift entire communities, driving societal change and economic prosperity. This challenge excites me and pushes me to strive for extraordinary outcomes.

Dean Seddon