Try this on LinkedIn this week!

Try this on LinkedIn this week!

For most of us, we don't need hundreds of clients.

Some of you reading this might just need one per month.

How much time do you spend trying to get one client?

When you add up all the time, you'll probably realist it's quite a lot of time.

But how much of it is really productive?

That debate could go on for a long time.

So, I want to give you something that you can do this week.

A teaser of what my clients on my programmes get every week.

Ok, so here is what I want you to do...


Just a couple of quick caveats...

1) You have to have a clear offering for clients

2) You have to have a defined target audience

3) You need to have some of them connected, do this with new connections, is a bit spammy.


Here is the plan I want you to follow this week.

  • Get a list of 10-20 of your potential connections that have posted 2-3 times in the last month
  • Change your LinkedIn headline to reflect your Gaddie Pitch.
  • Post some of your client stories of success this week.
  • Like and comment on one of their posts tomorrow. No spam - just add to what they say.
  • Go Back on Wednesday and do the same - No sales pitch. Just a meaningful comment.
  • Thursday go back to those people and DM them and say this...

"I've seen a couple of your posts in my feed this week, do you mind if I ask you a question?"

Once they reply (it may take a little while so keep watch)

Reply with this

"I've recently helped one of my clients in a similar to you [First name] or ]company] achieve/eliminate X and reduce/gain Y. Is that on your priority list too?"

A percentage of people will not respond and that is ok.

For those who do, it will be either

1) Yes we are already working on it - In which case, you can ask "are you happy with the progress so far? Would you have liked to see more progress?"

2) Yes but... you can reply with "would it be worth a 15-minute conversation, I can show you how we got my other clients there without [typical objection], how are you fixed for Monday?"

3) No it isn't  - you can try to twist their arm but isn't worth it, I would reply with "ok cool if you do want to gain/eliminate X or Y, would you keep me in mind?"

Why do this?

It's a little more direct but also focused on their goals and pain points. There is no sales pitch.

The key to this is to have your core messaging nailed.

It's easy to get clients from social media when you have your value proposition and core messaging aligned. 

Now, don't chicken out, get yourself organised, put time in the diary and do it. The reason so many fail at using social media comes down to commitment, developing a high-performing process and time planning. 

The way to get clients predictably from LinkedIn is by following a dual process, low-key outreach and educating with content - but this little trick can work for most people as a short-term measure - it won't replace a sustainable process, but it will bring some conversations with your ideal clients your way.

Let me know how it works for you this week...

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