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The best marketing is always simple.

It's really easy to get lost in detail and make your marketing and messaging too complex.

That's why in this article, I want to share what I call the ultimate marketing statement. This one statement will not only give you clarity, but it will also transform the way you communicate what you do.

We've all heard of the elevator pitch. Whilst we may not be meeting decision-makers in elevators these days, we do have the same challenge... communicating your value quickly to a very busy target audience.

Whilst you may think the elevator pitch is dead... I'd argue we need our own elevator pitch more than ever.

We all need to cut through the noise.

If we expect our target audience to investigate what we do, we have to get them curious.

Anthony Gaddie an Australian marketer put together what in the industry is now called "The Gaddie Pitch". It's a simple formula to help you quickly construct a statement which tells your target audience how you add value to their world.

Now, whilst you are reading this, before we look at how we construct this statement, make me a promise...

It's easy to learn something new and do nothing with it. Make me a promise, you'll build your own Gaddie Pitch and use it this week.


Okay, so the Gaddie Pitch has a very simple structure. I'll give you the structure then we will break it down, so you can create your own.

So the structure follows a common pattern, four key elements

  • Target Audience - Who this is relevant to.
  • Pain / Problem - This is what you solve
  • Outcome / Result - The transformation (difference you make to their business/world)
  • Feelings - The way people feel about the result


Now let's look at the formula and an example I created from my own business.


"You know how... (Target Audience) + (State the Problem)"

"What we do is (Outcome/ Result) + (Feelings)"

Once you have done that part you can add to it...

"Just recently we helped (relevant example)"


So let me give you an example...


You know how Solopreneurs and Small Business owners get struggle to market and sell themselves?

What I do is give them straightforward strategies they can implement, so they feel confident to take action.

Just recently, I shared a simple Social Media Commenting Strategy with a solopreneur who sells her expertise to startups. She implemented the strategy and picked up a £40k client.


How simple was that?

Quite quickly I have got across my value and created curiosity....

People will be curious about how they can do it AND they'll be curious about the Strategy too. It opens the conversation up.

We often make things too complicated.

One simple statement can create curiosity and people want to know more.

Marketing essentially is the process of getting people curious... sales are the process of taking that curiosity and turning it into a revenue opportunity.


Why does this matter?

Like I said earlier, you've got to punch through the noise. Having a simple and quick way to explain your value can massively improve your marketing success. 

Take a look at some marketing material. Go browse some websites. Some websites are awful. It is like pulling teeth working out what they do and why it matters.

Prospects don't give you the benefit of the doubt. They look and if it interests them they keep reading. If it isn't relevant they move on. You may have seconds to get their attention and interest. 

That's why the Gaddie Pitch is so powerful.


How to use your Gaddie Pitch

You can use the statement you create in everything you do... with slight tweaks you can repurpose it into...

  • LinkedIn Header Text
  • Email Footer
  • Post Footer on Social
  • Banner Header
  • Email Outreach Message
  • Conversation Script
  • Direct Messages
  • Website Header Copy
  • Instagram Bio

By tweaks I mean you just adjust the sentence so it reads better as a statement, I've re-purposed my version above for a header or email signature footer.

We help Solopreneurs and Small Business owners get struggle to market and sell themselves. We give them straightforward strategies they can implement, so they feel confident to take action.

So, that's my tip for this week...

If you implement this into your business, your target audience will see how you can add value to their world and you'll make them curious about how you can help them.

So.... Go Make It Happen

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