How To Get Clients On Demand

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Before we get into this article, if you aren’t following me on LinkedIn, go do that first. I share content which has one goal… help you get clients, grow faster and spend less time selling.

I’m prolific on LinkedIn. I have been for more than 8 years. I’ve focused on building an audience and adding value into their worlds.

After more than eight years of posting, I know I have sufficient traction that as long as I keep posting, business comes my way.

But what if you aren’t in that position?

What if you haven’t built your social network sufficiently to win business consistently?

Well, you are in luck.

I’m going to show you a method which I wish I had done all those years ago, but only really did in the last 3 years.

Many people think the secret to success on social media is in going viral, getting loads of engagement and followers.

It isn’t.

I’ve spoken to numerous people who have a bigger social footprint than me but aren’t making anywhere near the money I do.

So, those external metrics don’t necessarily equate to money in the bank.

So, let’s look at how to get clients on demand.

There is a bit of prep to this, but once you get going this flies.


The Secret to Clients on Demand Is Depth not Reach

I did a post recently and one of my connections rightly pointed out you can’t sustain more than 150 relationships at any given time. I agree with the point he made as I know myself, keeping up with my DMs and contacts is near impossible.

The theory is that if you are seen by enough people, the leads and business will come. Some reading this will have tried so hard to create viral posts, pursue every trend and try all the hacks. But still the audience growth is slow.

Let me just say at this point, there are loads of secret hacks to build an audience fast…. But most of them involve you straying into building audiences which love your content but have no buying intention – they aren’t able to buy from you.

Don’t do it, the dopamine of a huge account will be awesome, but the success in £££ will be disappointing.

The secret is depth.

Now in the social selling world, this means taking time to build relationships online. This is highly effective, but it’s very hard to sustain and it’s awfully time consuming.

But there is an alternative to trying to tie yourself in knots trying to be friends with everyone.

Social Media is an awesome tool, but outside of close friends, it is a channel to get your message out. I’ve met some amazing people online, some I regard as close friends now, but when it comes to business, it’s much harder to sustain enough relationships to really build a business.

What we want is business coming to us, without having to transform into a salesperson.

You want people to buy from you because you are adding value into their world, not because you cajoled them with a direct message.

Or is that just me?

So, how do we get clients on demand, without becoming everyone's best buddy?

I need to create ways to add depth to my relationship with my audience.

I do this on LinkedIn often, but, as we have seen social media platforms can be unpredictable and not everybody see’s everything you post.

Over the past 3 years I’ve built an opt-in list of more than 237,000 people. These people come from online channels and opt-in to access free value.

Currently, I’m teaching people in our programmes how to build a list of 250 people per month, all of which want to get more value from you.

Why? When people choose to sign up for your email list, you have the chance to add to their world and be in theirs.

You can create depth of relationship at scale.

Email is in your control, you can push out content and help your audience see why they need your help.

I’m a big advocate of LinkedIn, I’ve taught more than 100,000 people how to leverage LinkedIn yo build their personal brand and get clients using social selling.

But in the long-run an email list will allow you more certainty over your revenue.

So, I treat social media as a ‘front of house’ and my email list as the ‘back of house’

I get around £500k of business from my activity on LinkedIn each year, but nearly 3 times that from my email list.

Interestingly, LinkedIn is the driver of most of my email list growth, so in one sense, LinkedIn is responsible for it all.

But email gives me the ability to get my message in front of people without the filter of an algorithm. It also allows me to give more value to my list privately.

There is some content, I wouldn't share on social media, which people get access to in exchange for being on my email list.

I’m working with a client right now, who has had unpredictable revenue ever since the pandemic ended.

We’ve focused in our coaching calls on building the list and driving discover calls from their list.

They are generating 10 discovery calls per week and 2-3 proposals per week every week now after 5 months of building their list. When we started work, they only wanted 2-3 clients per week, now they can choose who they work with and don’t feel the pressure of discounting to close a client.

Their challenge isn’t clients anymore, their issue is now, whether they expand their business or stick with the size they are at.

Email lists are critical to creating clients on demand.

An email list of 250 people can be built in 30 days or less.

If you are clear with your offering for clients, your target audience and message you can build a self-sustaining revenue source with even a modest list.

A list of 2-3,000 people would ensure a solopreneur has a healthy pipeline of clients for the foreseeable.

There will be some churn, but, we know for certain, that people take more time to weigh up a purchase now, given there are so many alternatives and so much sketchy stuff out there.

It’s all a question of focus and working a strategy.

  • Social media builds your audience, builds trust and show your expertise
  • Engaged users join your list
  • Your list feeds you with discovery calls

 You need an email list and you need to focus on turning the warm and fuzzy social media engagement into an email list full of your ideal clients.

Whatever happens on social media, you'll have a revenue engine in the backend of your business converting interest into clients.

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