Consistent Leads from LinkedIn Content

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Consistent Leads from LinkedIn Content

I wanted to share some of my methodology behind one of the programmes we run at Maverrik.

I want to give my subscribers an overview of what I do to help people consistently get leads from their content which they distribute on LinkedIn.

Ironically, despite the differences in the platforms, my methodology works across all social media platforms.

Having trained some of the biggest companies in the world in leveraging social media as a revenue tool, I've learned something which, if you can 'get' will fundamentally change your approach to social media.

We've got to convince humans they need our solution to their problem.

Interestingly, if we can articulate the customer's problem better than they can, we gain instant credibility and trust.

Imagine if it were that easy.

That you could just show people you understand their predicament and they would see the need for you.

Well, it is that simple.

My process rests on this thought...

If people believe you have the answer,
they will buy

So, let me walk you through how I help people build a system to consistently get leads from LinkedIn content.


Step 1: Get into your Client's Headspace.

You may be surprised, but you don't think like your clients. As an expert in what you do, you think differently from your clients. When you write your content, you need to produce it for their consumption.

Oddly, the more you promote what you do, the fewer people trust you. Why? We've been trained not to trust promotional messages. So, I encourage people to focus on content which helps diagnose clients. Content which helps prospects understand their situation better.

I have a process where we get under the skin of your clients and build your Audience Value Proposition (AVP). It's your messaging for your content, but it also helps you think about what you offer from a client's perspective. It makes your content more valuable for your target audience.

Step 2: Build Your Anchor Content

Whilst you will want to mix it up by posting different things. You need an anchor. This piece of content will drive your leads. Your Anchor Content speaks directly to the pains and challenges your prospective clients will be facing. If they have that pain, they won't be able to resist taking a look.

This content will drive leads daily, as long as you keep using it. This content speaks to your audience and helps them see you as the go-to person for help.

This Anchor Content can be repurposed into various formats, but essentially it is something that helps prospective clients understand where they are and how they can resolve the challenges they have.

Step 3: Build Your Network

Without growing your network with your target audience, you'll get nowhere. Not every prospect will be ready to buy right now, so your LinkedIn posts serve three purposes, crowding a crowd, nurturing a crowd and bringing leads to your door. We need to consistently produce content so we can achieve these goals with our prospects.

One of the best messages I get from people is this "I've been seeing your content for a while now..."

Leads from content convert much easier than cold outreach because your content has nurtured them.

A quick tip: your promotional marketing and brag-a-thons in the content don't nurture people. One of the biggest myths on social is this...

Big Myth: If people see how good we are, they will want to become our client

This isn't true.

People buy solutions to problems. Pain is the most powerful motivator on the face of the earth. Speak to pain and you'll get their attention and interest.

I see people throwing case studies around, amazing creative and copy, but the reality is, people, don't join the dots. We have to use our content, to help people see they need us. So all of our content has to be for them.

Step 4: Capture Leads

This is where it gets boring. You need a system to capture leads. When you optimise your content, you may not want to spend most of your day responding to messages, so you need to systemise how you work to engage leads and book your calls with them. You also need to get those leads into your email list. If a lead isn't ready to buy right now, you want to again, nurture them, but this time via email.

If you are growing your network by 30-50 people per week, you should be getting 7-15 leads per week. I teach my programme members a simple way to grow their network, capturing leads in a low-key way, without the need to do a sales pitch message.

The success comes from the work we did at the AVP stage and being consistent in implementing your actions.

Will every lead convert into a client, nope. But if you have a steady flow, converting clients becomes a mathematical certainty.

Step 5: Iterate, Systemise and Scale

In my programme, I encourage people to test, tweak and try. When you are converting leads consistently from your content, you can then amplify things. Some people get it the first time, others have to tweak it a few times first.

Currently, I'm getting more than 200+ leads per week from content on LinkedIn. Once something works, you can ramp it up.

You don't need ads. If you have a system and a strategy. Even if you do use ads, you'll have to go through the process above to refine and make your ads effective.

In the space of six weeks, you can have this whole process nailed with my 100 Leads in Six Weeks Programme

I'm running the programme again, the early bird deal ends on 1st August.

More details here

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