10x Your Content by doing this!

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10x Your Content by doing this!

I want to let you into a secret in the content ‘game’.

We all know the content is the long-term way to build a business, but for some it feels like no matter how much content you put out, it’s not getting you any further to your goals of building your audience or your business.

You’re spending hours researching and putting time in to create content which is valuable and useful. It can feel like your efforts are going unnoticed. I get it. I’ve been there.

When you look around, you may notice others posting content that isn’t as good as yours, but they are getting 10x the engagement.

Most social platforms are promoting content which helps them sell advertising space. Social Media platforms make money from their engaged users. Advertisers pay the platform to get access to their eyeballs.

Every time you help the platform hold the attention of a user, get them to comment or react – the platform rewards you with more content exposure.

The reverse is also true, if you don’t hold the attention of people on the platform, gain comments and reactions, your content is buried.

Content Creators - people who make content as their living, understand this and focus all their efforts on content which gets eyeballs and attention. For them views = cash in the bank.

I’m going to give you a simple way to 10x your content in the next 7 days.

Be careful with this methodology, as if you take it too far, you can build an audience which loves your content, but has no need to buy from you.

So, here is what I call the content sandwich…

Split your content into two categories

  • Business Content
  • Engagement Content

 Business content is overtly promotional of you and your business. It can be a ‘buy now post’ or simply news or insight pieces from your business.

 Examples of business content

  • Promotional Posts
  • Branded Content
  • Press Releases
  • Testimonials
  • Calls to action

Engagement Content is all about getting engagement in the form of dwell time, comments and likes.

Examples of Engagement posts

  •  Selfies
  • Humour
  • Motivational
  • Myths
  • Comparisons (This Vs That)

You can keep it related to your business / sector, but don’t make it promotional or salesy. In other words, no call to action, no reference to your company etc.

You can talk about your industry or area of expertise.

These engagement posts act like lightening rods to bring you visibility.

Now, here is where the magic comes in…

Make 50% of your content this week engagement focused, the remaining 50% use for your business content.

The key is not stray off topic or start posting any old thing for the engagement, it’s to use things which make you more human, whilst staying in the general topic area.

This strategy will keep your visible whilst also giving you opportunity to promote what you do.

Here is a schedule

  •  Monday – Engagement
  • Tuesday – Business
  • Wednesday – Engagement
  • Thursday – Business
  • Friday – Engagement

 I always like to do engagement posts on Mondays… it helps my reach throughout the week.

 If you consistently use this sandwich, you’ll build an engaged following.

 More people will see all your content because now you’re playing to the platform’s way of working.


Some final tips to boost your content

  • Stop making your posts look like adverts.
  •  Take your logo off your content and stop using stock.
  • Make your imagery look more home-made.

Subconsciously, we can detect stock imagery and when we see a logo on things, we automatically assume it’s an ad.

 Try it and see the change.

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