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ContentLab 2.0

The ultimate content ideation and creation system.


Content Lab 2.0 is the result of over 10 years of tried and tested content strategy and production. It features a system that simplifies the creation but improves the effectiveness of content online.

You'll learn the strategy, structure and creation tactics to post compelling content without losing all your time.

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What will you learn inside?


Learn the perfect timing for your posting schedule. Position your content at the top of the feed by carefully selecting what days and what time to post your content.


Learn the 3 types of content that are proven to attract a crowd, nurture them to build trust and credibility, and then convert them into opportunity.


Learn how to write content smart, not hard. By leveraging human psychology and the social algorithm you will learn how to structure your content to generate exceptional results.


Learn the tactics to grow your following and authority, fast. Get the inside know-how on attracting more engagement, followers and $$.

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Create Endless Content Ideas In 60-minutes and produce social posts that Stop People Scrolling  

Module 1

Getting Started with ContentLab 2.0

Chose your topics and document your knowledge

  • Identify the 4 content pillars to build your strategy
  • Develop your sub-topics to be able to expand your content
  • What keywords do you want to associate with your 'brand'
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Module 2

What are your Content goals?

Understand the purpose of each post

  • Learn the 3 types of content
  • Understand the importance of content balance
  • Learn the purpose of each post and how to leverage it
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Module 3

Simple ideation strategy for content creation

Content Ideation

  • Creating content ideas with the 'Content Idea Matrix'
  • Ideating content to attract attention
  • Ideating content to nurture your audience
  • Ideating content to convert your crowd 
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Module 4

How to create compelling content

Optimising and writing content

  • Structure your content for speed
  • Build organic reach and engagement
  • Learn the human algorithm
  • Create content your prospects can't ignore
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Stuart Glover

Unlock the content ideation and creation framework


  • Video training and worksheets
  • 25 actionable lessons
  • Content Idea Matrix
  • Increase reach and engagement
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Here's the full curriculum:


Part 1: Introduction
  • Welcome
  • Why you should post regularly on LinkedIn 
Part 2: Getting Started & Topics
  • Choosing your topics
  • Documenting your knowledge
 Part 3: Content Goals
  • Understanding the purpose of each post
Part 4: Content Ideation
  • Creating ideas for your content 
Part 5: Optimising and writing content
  • Structure your writing for speed
  • Optimising your content for engagement and reach
  • Learn the human algorithm 
Part 6: How to grow like an Influencer
  • Should I pursue Influencer tactics?
  • How to grow your following fast
  • How to get more engagement
  • Pods, communities and Influencer hubs
  • Outbound engagement to get engagement and followers

Part 7: 71 Content Ideas

  • 71 Content Ideas PDF
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