Why Personal Branding Matters

personal branding
Personal Branding

It’s no secret that since its inception social media has taken over the world. From the very beginning of Six Degrees back in 1995 to the creation of Myspace, to the development of one of the most recognisable social media platforms out there, Facebook.

In just 27 years, more than 4.48 billion have joined some sort of social media.  

Social media has created a world where anyone can share who they are, and their experiences. Whether through Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or a blog, the power of and reach of social media is beyond any expectation. With anyone being able to create a social media profile, creating a personal brand is paramount.

But what is a personal brand?

A personal brand helps you to be in control of your own narrative, something which can be very useful when you’re looking to stand out from the rest of the crowd out there.

With the world being full of social media profiles that are accessible at any moment, having a personal brand can attract attention from potential employers and customers. A personal brand is your opportunity to advertise yourself and your achievements.

When it comes to creating a personal brand, it can take time. There’s lots of things to consider, for example, what makes you stand out? We’re all unique, but what gives you that stopping power over someone else’s profile?

You’ve also got to think about what it is that you’re looking to stand out in. What’s your goal? What do you want to be known for? Without the answers to these questions, it’ll be hard to tailor your content to correctly reflect your own personal brand.

Take the time to think about all these things and remember to always bring everything back to your values and own personal take on the subjects you talk about. There are many different ways in which you can share your content, through posts, blogs, and videos.

Creating Your Personal Brand

When it comes to creating your personal brand, think about the kind of platform that you feel best represents you and how you can relay your stories. The content you create should and the way you present it should reflect who you are. Think about what advantages you have that you can leverage to attract people to your profile. If you’re a great writer, create a blog, if you have a great on-screen personality, try creating vlogs. You should look to post once a day; consistency is key in creating a personal brand. Once you have established yourself and your brand, you can change the amount of content you create to best suit you.

Establishing what platform you want to create your content on is crucial. Again, consistency is key and cementing your strengths into your content helps you to master your brand.

When you’re able to post consistently every day that has your account growing on daily with new followers and engagement you’ve securely created a strong presence on the platform.

Once this has happened, you can look to build your platform across a variety of different social media platforms. This allows for people to connect with you who may not have seen you on other platforms previously and build a powerful network of connections and followers.

Consistency Wins the Day

It’s important to be consistent in your personal brands messaging and imagery. The imagery you use, the language you use are all ways to develop and secure your personal brand.

Creating a personal brand is not a one step process. Remember that your personal brand shouldn’t simply be about bragging about your achievements and your success. A personal brand is about showing what it is that you have to offer. Standing out from the crowd in a world that is as competitive as ever is tough. Finding ways in which you can help share your personal brand with wider audiences has merit. Through creating your own personal website, taking part in events, and routinely doing quality work are all ways you can show off your abilities.

If you combine that with your platform and your content, you continue to build awareness of the qualities and qualifications that attract new audiences to you. following all those steps will truly secure your personal brand.

It might seem like a lot of work and time to develop your own personal brand, and there may be moments where you feel like it’s just not working. But if you can be consistent in your content, work on building your network and establish yourself in the community, it is worth the effort and the wait. 

Stick at it, and keep going, it pays off. 

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