Do want to get more from your LinkedIn posts? – Try these 3 things

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I’ve been helping people leverage the power of LinkedIn for more than 5 years. In that time, I’ve seen it evolve and change.

Some of the things I would share 3 years ago, no longer apply. Likewise, some things I said don’t do, I now am I am actively encouraging people to do.

Over the last 4 years, I have helped more than 200,000 people learn LinkedIn through my free and paid training. The reason I’m such a proponent of it is that it is a space where sales and marketing have to work together.

Content can build your brand, generate leads and mass educate your target market about how you can help them. Whilst the messaging features can help you connect and talk with potential clients.

If you think about it, LinkedIn is one of the only spaces where you can search and find people in such a targeted way. There is no other space online that’s free where you can do this.

So, it is a big opportunity and still many are missing out.

If you are looking to leverage your content, here are three things that are absolute must-try.


Story-Based Content

A relevant story is one of the best ways to engage your audience. As you post, think about adding in a story which can help make your point.

When I’m writing content, I think about how I can make an example of what I want to say whilst using a story. We remember information shared through stories. How many stories do remember from when you were young?

I can remember stories from when I was 6 or 7 years old. I can remember games I used to play in primary school that we totally based on my imagination. Fascinating I can remember stories from 33 years ago but can’t find my keys most mornings.

Stories are powerful ways to communicate a message and will absolutely increase your engagement and reach.

Tip #1 When you are posting, try to include stories.


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The Engagement Quirk

I discovered this one after having a bad run on my posts. I have been posting consistently for 5 years and I was having a bad run on views and engagement. I wasn’t sure why.

I’ve tried different things. I stopped posting for 2-3 days, then posted more often and couldn’t find what the problem was.

I’m the kind of person who likes to experiment to see what is and isn’t working, so I played with a few things.

I discovered a weird quirk. I’m still not sure how it works, but I’ve kept doing it.

I have been actively commenting on posts I find in the feed, as a result, I’ve seen an uplift in my views and engagement. Just by commenting on 5-6 posts in my feed, I’ve seen a lift in my engagement.

After you post, just go engage and meaningfully interact with 5 or 6 people from the feed.

I’ve also noticed something else. None of this is scientific, but I have evaluated this myself. If I send messages my views and engagement go down.

Of course, this could all be chance, but having done this for 30-days now, it seems consistent.

Tip #2 Engage with content you see in the feed and test the engagement quirk out.



I used to tell people not to post CTAs in their posts or external links in their content. I’ve changed my mind. LinkedIn doesn’t seem to care about them anymore.

It doesn’t matter what the post is, always include a call to action. Even if it is as simple as like and follow for more

I am doing this myself, except for personal posts.

I’ll now add a CTA in all my posts….

My go-to are:

·        Book a strategy call with my team

·        Follow and hit the bell

·        Ask a question to encourage comments

·        Sign up for my email newsletter

Tip #3 - Include CTAs in your posts

I’ve found these three things have helped me get my content out further and get a return from my content. 5 years ago, I was playing at it, but now I generate revenue from content through business enquiries and people buying our Digital Courses.

Try these tips and let me know how it works for you.

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