9 Reasons you should start a LinkedIn Newsletter

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9 Reasons you should start a LinkedIn Newsletter

Posting articles on LinkedIn?

For years I told people to avoid them, but over the last 12 months, I’ve changed my mind.

The launch of LinkedIn Newsletters has massively improved the results and success you can get from posting long form articles on LinkedIn.

Previously you would post an article and hope for the best, but now, you can launch a newsletter (a series of long form articles) and it’s an opportunity not to be missed.

Here are 8 reasons you should launch your LinkedIn Newsletter.


People can subscribe for your newsletter

Unlike the old articles, people can subscribe to your newsletter. The first time you post a newsletter article, LinkedIn suggests to your network that they might want to subscribe.

It’s almost like LinkedIn helps you get your first subscribers.

This allows you to grow a network of people who consume your longer form content.


LinkedIn notifies your subscribers by Email and on LinkedIn Editions

When you launch an edition of your newsletter, your subscribers receive a notification and a copy of the newsletter by email. This follows a similar trend on Twitter and Medium who do the same. This means you can push content to your subscriber base.


Editions can be a mix of content

You don’t just have to write, you can share videos, images and links. Each article can be different. Each edition you can mix it up and share in different formats if you like. I’ve used video in my newsletters not just text.


It builds your brand

Newsletters might seem a lot of work, but once you get into a routine you will establish a working pattern and a trusted relationship with your subscribers. This elevates your standing and personal brand. If you deliver good insight consistently, people will believe and trust you more.

Longer form content makes a deeper impact on your target audience. With the Newsletter feature, you can consistently share and get long form content to your audience.


You can get visibility… consistently

We can all have bad days with content, the algorithm doesn’t like us one week. One of the great features of the Newsletter is the notifications. This means, even if you are lost in the sea of content, your subscribers get the notifications and can find it without relying on you popping up in the feed.


Grow Subscribers outside of your network

Anyone can subscribe to your newsletter, even if you aren’t connected. It’s a great way to build a following alongside your posts and connections. LinkedIn shows newsletters to users in the feed and on their network page, so it is another way to get in front of more people on LinkedIn.


It will make all your content easier

Instead of thinking “another piece of content to make” you can use your Newsletter as your ‘master content’ in other words. This one article can be broken down into smaller posts, threads and content which can be shared more widely.

This one article can become

  • 8 x Copy / Image Posts
  • 1 x Twitter Thread
  • 1 x Carousel on Instagram
  • YouTube Video
  • TikTok / IG Reel / YouTube Short 


You can promote too

If you are consistently providing value, you can insert some promotions. Just be careful not to do it too much or you’ll put people off. You can insert a call to action at the bottom of each edition or simple select one edition as a promotional item.


Getting started is easy

Unlike many other long-form content mediums, it’s really easy to start. you don’t have to write 5,000 word articles. they can be short and sweet if you choose them to be. It also helps that the publishing fits into your existing feed. Sometimes when you launch a content medium, it can work against you having limited amounts of content behind you. This isn’t a problem on LinkedIn as people can learn lots about you from your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Newsletters is a great tool to help you elevate your authority and position yourself as an expert.

You should give it a try.


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